IoT Course

From initiate to innovate

There isn’t much we do that isn’t impacted by the Internet of Things. To thrive, businesses need to know not only how IoT impacts their operations and processes, but how to harness its value to impact revenue streams as well.

This interactive eLearning from Avnet and Intel will help you understand and answer these questions:

  • What exactly is IoT?
  • How will IoT change your business?
  • How can you use IoT to gain an edge over your competition?

You’ll start by learning how IoT allows you to capture data and translate it into actionable insights. Next, you’ll explore how IoT data impacts organizations across all areas of the business, including products, people, processes, and premises.

Finally, you’ll find out more about what it takes to create an IoT product and see examples of how Avnet and Intel can uniquely support your journey.

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